Specialty Product Examples

These products are examples of our varied and techno-chemical Surfactant based portfolio. Please ask for your specific need, by application or chemistry.

SURFASPERSE PT-9000   Optimal Anionic PHOSPHATE ESTER based Surfactant is an Excellent EMULSIFIER and DISPERSING AGENT.

Ideal for emulsion polymerisation, water-based dispersions and providing lubricity to water soluble lubricants, with CORROSION INHIBITION properties to lubricant and coating formulations. 100% active may be neutralised with various bases and is stable in alkaline formulations.

SURFAGREEN 201E   pH Neutral water-based microemulsion degreaser and cleaning concentrate.

Designed for most industrial applications. Formulated with BIODEGRADABLE surface-active agents and solvents. It is considered as a LOW AQUATIC TOXICITY to aquatic life and alternative to d-limonene based degreasers.

SURFACLEAN ECO-80   Proprietary blend of concentrated ECO-BIO Derived surfactants.

Specifically developed for use in WINDOW and GLASS WASHING formulations. It exhibits Powerful Solubility, Detergency and dries to a Clear Non-Streak and Fog Preventing film.

SURFAWAX FF4000   High graded WATER-SOLUBLE free-flowing solid WAX.

Available in medium-fine free flowing flake form, is a Formulation Aid and Chemical Intermediate. Finding many uses to include Water-Soluble Lubricants, easy to apply MOULD RELEASE AGENTS, Antistatic Agents, Humectants, Plasticisers, Carriers, Solubilizing Aids, and in the Synthesis of Esters.

SURFATROPE J66   Non-foaming Anionic HYDROTROPE  Keeps high level of Surfactant in solution & reduces gelling in challenging conditions.

Exhibiting unique STABLE Solubilising Properties in concentrated Alkali, Silicates, and Phosphates. Use in ALKALINE CLEANERS to raise the cloud point of low foam Nonionic surfactants in concentrates. It also can be used as an Additive to increase solubility of PolyAlkylene Glycols (PAGs) in aqueous Synthetic Lubricants & Hydraulic fluids and to reduce the viscosity of concentrated surfactant formulas.

SURFAPOP DF-21P   Efficient and highly effective Non-Ionic EO/PO POLYALKYLENE GLYCOL (PAG) ANTIFOAM.

It excels in its control of Low Foam, LOW TOXICITY and COMPLIES to FDA REGULATIONS regarding contact with food processing. It excellent for preventing foams in waste water and removing foams stabilised by proteins, sugars, starches and is ideal as a low-foam surfactant in formulations.

SURFAPOP DF-190M   Superior NON-SILICONE mineral oil-based water dispersible ANTIFOAM.

Highly effective in breaking down foams that are generated and stabilised by surfactants, proteins, starches, bacteria, enzymes, synthetic polymers and fibrous/particulate materials. Superior FOAM KNOCKDOWN properties and HOLDING DOWN foams generated by synthetic detergents and surfactants in wash waters & wastewater treatment plants.

SURFAWET LF-R30L   Performance LOW FOAM surface-active agent that forms COLLAPSABLE FOAMS.

A DISPERSANT, detergent, WETTING AGENT, and particularly suited for use in RINSE AIDS and SPRAY CLEANERS in Household, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning applications.

SURFAMER FLOC-160   RAPID ACTING, Cationic Polymer based FLOCCULENT that out-performs expectations.

VERSATILE in application and ideal where VERY EFFICIENT, low dose EMULSION BREAKING is required. With only low agitation, this action is by QUICK aggregation of particular SOLIDS & OILS resulting and COMPLETE SEPARATION in water-based systems. BIODEGRADABLE and NOT CLASSIFIED as Hazardous